About Us

About Us


Our Story

We opened our doors in October 2019, creating a place where Bethnal Green residents can try and buy craft beer, wine and spirits, all either made locally or hand-picked from further afield, with a much broader and more interesting selection than the local supermarkets. BottleJob is staffed by experts who are happy to share recommendations, and everyone is welcome to browse and learn more about the local produce.

Our Concept

With family ties to the East End, we wanted to bring our cockney roots to life through the shop concept and decor. The name BottleJob itself pays homage to the owner’s grandfather, who gave him this affectionate nickname, which is a cockney expression for ‘coward’, when he was a child. BottleJob’s decor is inspired by mid-century, prohibition themes, with vintage accessories, industrial-style barstools and Peaky Blinders-esque background music. Come on in and be transported to another era.

Our Drinks

Stocking BottleJob took us on a journey of discovery around East London, visiting a plethora of breweries and distilleries – every bottle and can has been handpicked. The shop stocks beers from local brewers such as Five Points, and wines from local suppliers including Nekter Wines based on Cyprus Street, and Ester Wines from Shadwell. Spirits come from as far as Australia, as well as local distillations from East London Liquor Company. Our drinks are original, surprising and suit all budgets and we are always on the look out for exceptional new drinks being produced locally.

Our Vision

We wanted to create an off-licence like no other, with more choice and more stories behind the brands. At BottleJob, we are able to promote and support local producers and give our customers a new experience when they are selecting their drinks. With the addition of an ‘on-licence’ we can offer drinks samples in store so you can experience new tastes and find new favourites.